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"In the Room of Masks... our masks have come off!"

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Delle Maschere
La Stanza delle Maschere (The Room of Masks) is an italian Horror Doom Metal band with strong cinematic and literary influences. We draw inspiration from the great horror and noir classics of the Italian "golden age" of movies, as well as from gothic masterpieces. Let yourself be guided into a descent into the dark by the restless, obscure notes of our music.


08/18/2021 - La Stanza delle Maschere website goes live
La Stanza delle Maschere website goes live

The official website of La Stanza delle Maschere premiers today; take a tour into our new, gloomy online and discover our dark melodies.

We'll be adding more reviews and interviews, exclusive new previews and exciting sneak peaks at our upcoming projects in the near future. Stay tuned!

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La Stanza Delle Maschere


2020 - 13 tracks - Black Widow Records - CD - LP



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La Stanza delle Maschere
La Stanza delle Maschere

La Stanza delle Maschere was founded in August 2005 as a tribute to our literary role models; among the others, Lovecraft, E. A. Poe, A. Artaud and Luigi Pirandello. Our genuine passion for doom metal and the horror genre has only too naturally led us toward the long tradition of dark italian sound, which we felt was the best choice to express our visions.

Our music is both a token of gratitude and a humble tribute, in our own way, to the masters of the past. Both horror and rock can jolt the audience abruptly awake, tearing the bland veil of everyday illusions.

Our musical project could not elude from our love toward the horror genre - with a special preference for all that is arcane and mystic. But an even greater inspiration was found in Italian horror movie and their timeless, iconic soundtracks. Pupi Avati's "Padan Gothic", Lucio Fulci's unforgettable nightmares and Fernando Di Leo's noirs explore the real masks behind which an increasingly sick and twisted society conceals its sins.

Black Sabbath, Goblin, Jacula, Fabio Frizzi and Il segno del Comando were the roots to our music. Our ideology behind the use of Masks is derived from Luigi Pirandello's works, especially "One, No One and One Hundred Thousands" and "The Late Mattia Pascal". Meanwhile, the idea of the Stanza bears a debt to one of the murders in Mario Bava's "Sei donne per l'assassino". The room after which we are named is one in which light and darkness plays in eerie, intriguing patterns.

The genoese Black Widow Record believed in our visions and enabled us to complete the project with the help of vocalist "Tiziana Radis" and Secret Tale's "Roby Tav" at the keyboard.

Below you find some of the movies that had a deeper influence on our sounds: La Casa dalle Finestre che Ridono, Sette Note in Nero, Zeder, Milano Calibro 9, La corte notte delle bambole di vetro, Quella Villa accanto al cimitero, Sei donne per l'assassino, l'Arcano incantatore, i Diavoli, Il seme della Follia, Halloween.

Our first album is born naturally and spontaneously as the result of obscure inspirations in the recording studio; such, for example, was the creative process behind our tracks "Presenze" and "L'Archimista Scultore". The music of our eponymous track, "La Stanza delle Maschere", was the fortunate product of a dream inspired by the lyrics.

Domenico Lotito
Angelo Sposito

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About us...

"I was obviously gratified by your tribute to two of my past movies, and I think your tracks are highly suggestive. Keep on dreaming and nurture that feeling of gratefulness for being there, for living each day with amazement and wonder. It is my fondest hope that your sensibilities may be rewarded as you deserve."
(Pupi Avati)

"These dark notes transmit love, not just for a bygone era of great italian movies, but in a broader sense [...]. The world may collapse but, as long as someone will be able to explore the darkness and translate it in music, there will be yet hope for salvation for all of us."
(Antonella Fulci)

"The lyrics are interpreted as musical tracks in an album that is so conceptual you might very well define it the soundtrack to a movie that has not yet been written. But that I, for once, am eagerly awaiting."
(Manuel Cavenaghi - Bloodbuster)

"The chemistry of the black notes erupting from windows thrown wide open; the sounds of La Stanza Delle Maschere cut deep - almost as deep as the scratches that pierce deep, deep under your skin."
(Claudio Bartolini - Il Gotico Padano)

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